Satu (and Maggie) finished in time for Sauder

144 hours, eleven colors, and eighty-eight values later, Satu is finished.  Just in time for Sauder.  He is immense, measuring 3 by 4 feet.  I am super delighted with him, really seeing my design, sense of color and form developing.  Rug hooking is a tough art because nothing is quick.  So you work a year, hoping that some improvement will result.  I think that hooking all the mini snapshots must have helped me grow as an artist since they allowed me to experiment with the wool with quick turnarounds.

Also, Alexander has been busy with his Sauder project, a portrait of his dog Maggie.  This is the first time that he has been old enough to use stripped wool and hook it without twisting.  It was frustrating for him at times, but he worked through it and in the end hooked a terrific piece that he can be very proud of.