Growing a rose garden

I was in Central Market last weekend and they had some fantastic huge roses that had started to open and show their true beauty.  I couldn't help myself.  I took out my camera and snapped a few shots. 

When I got home, I worked a couple of them up into oversized rug patterns (20" x 20") and decided today to draw the one pictured to the left on my linen foundation.

I am low on wool right now, at least in colors I want for roses (like the yellow rose of Texas), so I am using up the last of what I have on hand to create my first rose.  It will be rose colored with hints of lavender and pink. I hope it goes well and I can create a whole rose garden.  And dye them to my preference.

Wools I intend to use:

  • color 12, Rowan Raspberry
  • color 44, Red Oak
  • color 20, Black Cherry
  • color 16, Damask Rose
  • color 46, Black Orchid
  • color 33, Highland Lilac
  • color 35, Crab Apple
  • color 34, Pink Iris