Billy the Bighorn, a new project of a new year

I am finally able to write a post about a new project.  Billy the Bighorn is inspired by our vacation to the National Parks last summer, when we spotted a herd of bighorn sheep on the top of Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone National Park.  Even though we weren't able to capture a close up photo of one of these bighorns, I was inspired by a photo taken by Steve Woodruff (see below with link to its original website).  Mr. Woodruff kindly gave me permission to use his photo and adapt it to a rug.

Over winter break I was able to complete the dyeing for the wool which includes these colors:

  • 14 Faune Brown
  • 27 Lake Agate
  • 48 Tanglewood
  • 58 Will O'Wisp
  • 36 Red Roan
  • 6 Moorland Moss
  • 45 Rosehip
  • 38 Rosewood
  • 21 Toadstool
  • 51 Fruited Raisin
  • 23 Shades of Dusk
  • 7 Sherwood Green
  • 20 Black Cherry
  • 59 Briar Rose

The rug is being created to cover a large bench footstool, the top is 21 1/2 by 44 inches.  I was inspired to do this when at the end of our vacation to the National Parks we ran across a used upholstered bench in a used furniture store.  I was so delighted, we bought it without too much further thought and then had to figure out how to load it in our van which was already stuffed full of suitcases and other travel necessities.

Before we went back to school, I managed to get the pattern created and drawn onto the linen foundation, my wool stripped, and hooking started.  Billy has an eye!




Alexander's gift to his grandma

Sassy 2015.  Designed and hooked by Alexander DeGreiner.

Sassy 2015.  Designed and hooked by Alexander DeGreiner.

Alexander finished his newest hooked piece which he gave to his grandma for Christmas this year.  It is a portrait of the dog, Sassy, she takes care of during the week.  He created the portrait from a photo we took of Sassy this summer when we visited grandma and grandpa.  Alex used all wool scraps, #6 cut, and had some frustration due to the fact that his rug hook was misplaced so he had to use mine, which he claims is not as good.  The red background is from a piece of red wool that Gene Shepherd kindly gave to him in San Antonio at the ATHA Biennial and asked him to use in the next piece he hooked.